18 Mar 2011

What is Korean's Home?

the minga (homes of the common people) - the satchip (the "weed" house)

The shapes and functions of roofs varied a great deal as they were built in response to natural surroundings and cultural demands. Depending on the materials used for the roofs, thatched-roof houses, the satchip (the "weed" house) is one of the roof types among wood- or stone-shingled and oak-bark houses. A thatched roof was made of the dried rice stalks, the most easily available material. The soft curve, muted color, and gentle texture of thatched roofs imbued a feeling of comfort, softness, and warmth. 

10 Jan 2011

Seoul, See and Listen

The Stair

The Trueman Show (1998), Directed by Peter Weir, Paramount Pictures, 103mins

A Stair leading to nowhere, is it something one will go towards and step upwards? One might has to be under a condition of nothing to lose, have enough curiosity and courage and then one would find out something unexpected. 

17 Dec 2010

Gift Project - a Stair to the Openness

Along the street, the despair atmosphere is overwhelming. To break through this, a stair/ stairs going through the building to bring in light and let people to see the openness on the other side of the scene. 


12 Dec 2010

2nd Sketches

Existing View

Using Space Above Buildings
New Stairways and Temporary Dwelling / Exhibitions Spaces

New Alleyway from Station Plaza introducing a Primitive Scale + Roof Top Landscape